Covid deaths in Brazil: Covid-19 in Brazil kills 100,000 people in just one month: Covid-19 in Brazil kills 100,000 people per month

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A dangerous strain of the Corona virus in Brazil has created a storm. More than 1 lakh people have died in Brazil in a month. Brazil takes second place in the list of people who died the most from Corona.
100,000 people have died from the Corona virus in just one month in Brazil. This appalling rate of people dying after infection has caused panic in Brazil. The total number of crown deaths in this South American country has exceeded 400,000. However, Brazil still ranks second in the world in terms of total deaths from Kovid. Some health experts have warned of a worsening situation in the country.

More than 4 lakh people have died so far
The global epidemic in Brazil caused the most deaths in April. The country’s health ministry said more than 4,000 people died in the first two days of this month. Nearly 2,400 people have died every day over the past two weeks and the health ministry reported an additional 3,001 deaths on Thursday, bringing the country’s death toll to 401,186.

Concerns about another Corona wave have increased
Local health experts breathed a little relief as the number of infections and deaths declined, but they anticipate a new wave of illnesses like in some European countries. According to the online research website Our World in Data, less than six percent of Brazilian citizens have received the Kovid-19 vaccine.

This news came from Brazil on Corona, a record 3,251 people died in 24 hours
President Bolsonaro on target for vaccination
The country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, reiterated that he would be the last to be vaccinated and he has targeted the country’s mayor and governor for imposing sanctions to prevent the epidemic from spreading. Epidemiologist Wenderson Oliveira, a senior health ministry official, said he expected a third wave by mid-June.

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