COVID deaths rise to 97 despite cumulative incidence drop by one point

Posted: Friday Jun 04 2021 6:21 PM

Spain continues to lower its level of cumulative incidence due to the coronavirus pandemic thanks to the transcendental role of vaccines, which continue to gain ground and immunize more than 10 million people.

In the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health reports an increase in the total number of cases detected since the start of the pandemic by 4,975 positives, with 97 new deaths caused by COVID-19.

As for the cumulative incidence data, they are lower than the 118 points recorded on Thursday, remaining at 117.22, a decrease of 1.07 point since the last report. On Monday, the data was 121.75 points, closing the week with a total drop of 4.53 points with the data we know today.

The data comes after the UK government’s decision to keep Spain off its list of safe countries to travel, a list from which Portugal has also been excluded.

Health Minister Carolina Darias regretted the decision, calling it a “stick”. British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliot assures us that the decision stems from the risk of mobility between autonomous communities and the difference in the incidence of the pandemic in each of them.

All in one week during which vaccination experienced a new key week after the arrival of 4.6 million new doses in our country. This Friday, the figure of 10 million people was exceeded with the full guideline, a milestone that allows us to continue to breathe and hope that the end of the pandemic is, with each puncture, closer.

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