Covid Vaccine Update: Donald Trump Warns Coronavirus Vaccines Are Potentially Dangerous For Children – Donald Trump Warns Corona Vaccine Is Dangerous For Children, Stop Vaccination

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Donald Trump warned that the corona virus vaccine is dangerous for children He said he was concerned about the harmful effects of the corona vaccine and should be stopped
Former US President Donald Trump has warned that corona virus vaccines are dangerous for children and is worried about its consequences. Trump has also said he supports the introduction of the corona virus vaccine, but only people for whom it is needed. He also said that the corona virus had spread around the world from the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and that China would have to pay $ 10,000 billion in damages to the world in return.

In the United States, the corona virus vaccine is given to children over 12 years of age starting May 27. So far, 400 children have died from the corona virus in America and millions of children have been admitted to hospital. The total number of people who have died from the corona virus in America has crossed 6 lakhs. Meanwhile, Trump has said he does not believe the children have benefited from the corona virus vaccine.

“Young children should stop getting vaccinated”
Trump said, “We have to get them back to schools. They must be open. He said, “Frankly, we are lucky to have a vaccine, but young children should stop getting the vaccine. Trump said the side effects of the corona vaccine have affected children a lot. I think this is something you should start to think about.

Over 177 million cases of Kovid-19 worldwide
The former US president said that I understand the corona vaccine is not necessary for children. Trump’s statement came at a time when corona cases jumped to 17.73 crore worldwide. In total, more than 38.4 lakh of people have died from this outbreak so far. The current corona cases and death toll are 177,355,602 and 3,840,181 respectively. The United States remains the most affected country in the world with the highest number of cases and deaths with 33,508,384 and 600, respectively. 933. India ranks second in terms of corona infection with 29,700,313 cases.

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