Cow dung cakes found in the luggage of Indian passengers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials found items from a passenger’s luggage being returned from India at an international airport in suburban Washington DC. The bag in which the Indian traveler brought the excrement was left at the airport. Officials said dams are banned in the United States because they are believed to be the source of the highly contagious oral cavity.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said they had been destroyed. According to a press release issued Monday by the department, “It was not badly written. Two supplements were retrieved from a suitcase to CBP agricultural experts. According to the statement, the suitcase belonged to a passenger returning from an “ Air India ” plane on April 4.

Risk of sputum and sputum, ban from India
Keith Fleming, acting director of “field operations” at CBP’s “field office” in Baltimore, said: “Mouth cracking is a disease that animals are most afraid of … and it is customs and border security. a threat to the state’s agricultural safety campaign ”.

CBP said dalas have also been described as an important source of energy and cooking in some parts of the world. It would also be used as a “skin detoxifier,” an antimicrobial, and a fertilizer. According to CBP, despite these perceived benefits, the arrival of ravioli from India is prohibited due to the risk of cracking in the mouth.

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