Cox’s Bazar: several dead, thousands of houses set on fire

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Huge fire in the Rohingya camp of Cox’s Bazar, hundreds of houses burned down thousands of Rohingyas, homeless, UN fled Myanmar in action and took refuge in Bangladesh, millions of Rohingyakox market
On Monday, hundreds of homes were damaged by a massive fire in a Rohingya refugee camp in southern Bangladesh. It is said that thousands of Rohingya refugees living here have become homeless. The government of Bangladesh has built a large refugee camp near Cox’s Bazar for the Rohingya who escaped Myanmar.

I still couldn’t control the fire
Mohammad Shamshud Dauja, additional commissioner of the Bangladeshi government’s Commission for Refugees, Relief and Extradition, said the fire broke out in the afternoon at Balukhali camp in Cox’s Bazar district and had quickly spread to at least four blocks. He said at least four firefighters have been mobilized to control the rapid spread of the fire.

The United Nations on fire also in action
Luis Donovan, spokesperson for the United Nations Refugee Agency, said in an email that firefighters, rescue and response teams and volunteers were present at the scene. So far, the fire has affected shelters, health centers and other service sites. Volunteers help those affected.

Burn news from many people
There are no reports of any immediate casualties in this incident, but death and burns are feared. No news has yet been confirmed regarding the disappearance of the people. Two Rohingya refugees said at the scene that the blaze spread rapidly and was not fully contained, even on Monday evening.

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