Create a link between employees, the key to the continuity of teleworking

Create a link between employees, the key to the continuity of teleworking

Just over a year ago, virtually every business rushed to telecommute to adjust to restrictive measures caused by the pandemic. Initially, this change of position generated uncertainty among employees and managers, because it was an unusual work model in our country. At that time, UGROUND, a leading company in social and business transformation towards the digital world, decided to maximize the value base of the company. Due to telecommuting and confinement, Team Building models had changed and the company’s top priority was to keep the entire team integrated, improve their emotional well-being, and strengthen a sense of identity.

As a starting point, the company decided to conduct a survey to assess the degree of well-being on the so-called “9toShine”, that is, the nine company values ​​for success. From this survey, it was concluded that 100% of company employees agree that the best way to work as a team. The values ​​of listening and empathy with the customer were also strongly reinforced, as well as surprising customers with WOW experiences, among others. For the values ​​which had been more penalized because of the confinement, an internal team competition was proposed to propose initiatives which would make it possible to improve and reinforce the success of these values. This initiative also helped to improve teamwork and create an illusion within the company.

With the clear desire to use technology at the service of people, UGROUND turned to its employees, not only in the most difficult moments of confinement but also in a constant way towards teleworking. Times have changed, and so has UGROUND.

Some of the initiatives that have been launched and with 100% employee satisfaction are:

Always up to date: it is important that companies have quality internal tools that add value on a daily basis. With this in mind, UGROUND has launched the MasterClass initiative, a series of continuing education sessions aimed at expanding employees’ knowledge of tools for internal use. Under the title of ProjectDrivers, employees, from any area of ​​the company, have the opportunity to show their colleagues the projects they are working on and thus broaden the transversal knowledge of the entire company. business.

Connectivity and Transparency: UGROUND holds several daily and weekly meetings so that its employees can keep abreast of the activities of the different areas, but also to request resources or cross-information between areas, as well as to review progress, organize tasks or schedule work. OPEN HOUR sessions were essential during the lockout and continue to be syndolas, a weekly space where employees can ask open-ended questions to the CEO and where transparency is key. In addition, UGROUND organizes quarterly initiatives that allow us to know and maintain the relationship between colleagues.

Laughter and fun. Hype Friday is the initiative that emerged as a way to continue having moments of laughter and to avoid thinking about the situation that was unfolding during the lockdown period. A weekly moment full of games and other leisure and entertainment dynamics designed for employees. Creating spaces where employees can interact informally, helps to humanize working relationships and also promotes knowledge of the more personal aspects of colleagues.

All the initiatives developed by UGROUND aim to reinforce the values ​​of the company, to work there internally and to generate a positive effect on its customers.

In addition, for UGROUND, the sense of unity is fundamental, as a team and as a company. Taking into account what has been achieved since the start of confinement a year ago, UGROUND has decided to continue betting on its employees and to continue teleworking indefinitely, because thanks to the initiatives that have been launched and the success achieved with them, he prevented any employee from feeling that they were not part of a team. For this reason, the company will continue to focus on initiatives where it can strengthen Team Building, human relations and promote the use of technology in the service of people.

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