“Creating a space via mobile and computer so that each employee can reserve their space and feel calm has been decisive”

Interview. Jesús Martínez Pardo, CEO of Eventelling: “Creating space with cellphones and computers so that every employee can reserve their space and feel calm has been decisive”

After a few months in which offices have been turned into rooms, in which offices have been moved to living rooms in houses, it is time to think about returning to offices. A gradual, organized and above all safe return. In this sense, since Eventelling, the company which offers digital solutions to businesses in the form of an APP, has launched a new feature in its tool.

This is Space Booking, the new Eventelling module aimed at organizing office spaces through job reservations. “It is a teleworking solution which, on the arrival of floating workstations, organizes the reservation of jobs in the offices and in times of pandemic it has become a security tool to organize the return of employees”, explains Jesús Martínez Pardo. , CEO of Eventelling.

The benefits for companies have three aspects: “Safety for the return of employees to the office. Once the pandemic has passed, you have an organizational advantage by leaving the floating positions. And the third is cost reduction since the The system gives occupancy metrics and helps organize these floating positions so that some companies free up part of the office ”. For their part, for employees, the advantages are “comfort and safety”.

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