Cries of “resignation” from twenty hoteliers in Revilla due to restrictions in Cantabria

Publication: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 2:39 PM

A group of hoteliers gathered outside the health center in the city of residence of Cantabrian President Miguel Ángel Revilla, where he was vaccinated today, to berate him for the new restrictions on the area to avoid the contagion of the coronavirus.

The nearly twenty hospitality professionals who gathered at the gates of the health center, before the president’s arrival, prevented Revilla from addressing the media who were waiting for him at the exit, after having been vaccinated, journalists not having been able to access the interior due to space problems.

Outside the health center after receiving his vaccine, Revilla asked the hoteliers for calm, but they did not respond to his request and continued to shout “to the Cantabrian President” or “Vive Ayuso and more Ayuso” , in reference to the Chief Executive of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Faced with the insistence of protests and cries, the Cantabrian government’s communications officials transferred the statements of the regional president to the headquarters of the executive. Revilla later apologized for the protests to the media, while acknowledging that “there are tensions” and that “the situation is very difficult for a lot of people”. However, he also insisted that they follow the recommendations of the experts and that when the data is bad it is necessary to “reduce movements and make some closings”. “There is no other option,” he added.

Revilla arrived on time at the health center in his city of residence to receive his COVID-19 vaccine, being in the age group 70 to 79 (he is 78), and already, at that time , the hoteliers were shouting against the decisions of the regional government abroad.

From this Wednesday, the Cantabrian government will apply a new closure of the interior of regional hospitality and the reduction of capacities in sports, culture and ceremonies, because Cantabria has returned to the level of high risk of infections coronavirus.

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