Cries out to Pablo Casado during the Columbus demonstration: “You abandoned us!

Posted: Sunday June 13 2021 5:35 PM

The president of the Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado, received boos during his appearance before the demonstration in the Plaza de Colón against the government’s pardons for the ‘tried’ prisoners.

“Pablo Casado, you abandoned us!”, Heard the leader of the popular, who spoke after Martínez-Almeida and Díaz Ayuso. Listening to her, he briefly interrupted his speech, finding approval from a group of people who started shouting “President, President”.

Once that moment passed, Pablo Casado continued in his words, warning Pedro Sánchez that “harmony and coexistence have never been against the law”, asking for “consistency” and “dignity”.

Casado withdrew the newspaper’s library, recalling that the current prime minister said a few years ago that there could be no pardon for “political reasons” and that “you cannot go against the sentencing courts “. “He said exactly that he was ashamed, that he had asked for forgiveness and that he was very annoyed by the graces that the PSOE granted in his time,” he explains.

“We ask you to look the Spaniards in the face and explain to them why you want to steal part of your nation from them and why you want some Spaniards to have different rights and obligations from others and why you are negotiating in a prison with criminals what everyone that we voted 40 years ago in an exemplary Transition ”, decided Casado.

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