Crime to question about the Chinese army: questioning the deaths of Chinese soldiers has become a crime in China

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Questioning the victims of the Chinese military declared a crime, new law of March 1, 6 people questioning the legitimate media, China made arrests, law breakers will be punished by 3 years.
Questioning the Internet about the deaths of soldiers in China has now been declared a crime. Any Chinese citizen who asks about the deaths of Chinese soldiers on social media can be sentenced to a prison term of at least three years. In fact, just last month, China confessed to the deaths of four of its soldiers in a skirmish with the Indian military in Galvan. China never accepted the truth about the deaths of its soldiers until about 8 months after the June incident.

Chinese blogger arrested for questioning Galvan
China arrested Qiu Jimming, who ran a blog titled Little Spicy Pain Ball, on February 19 for asking about the deaths of Chinese soldiers in Galvan. Let us know that former journalist Qiu Jiming’s blog is highly regarded in China. His blog on Chinese social media Weibo is followed by around 2.5 million people.

If convicted, the prosecution will be jailed for 3 years
Qiu Jiming had asked the question in his blog that if four Chinese soldiers were killed while trying to save their comrades, there would be a lot of people who would not be successfully saved. This means that the death toll can only be four. Following this message, Qiu was arrested and charged with committing crimes against the country. It is said that if the crime is proven, this blogger can be sentenced to three years in prison.

The new law entered into force on March 1
The same month, the annual work report released by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of China states that the Little Spicy Pain Ball maliciously defamed and insulted the heroes who protected the country and the border. Qiu’s case will go to court under the new law, effective March 1. The new law provides severe penalties for those who defame Chinese revolutionaries and soldiers.

China arrested 6 people asking questions
Chinese police are said to have arrested at least 6 of those people who questioned the deaths of soldiers on social media. Explain that the Chinese government considers these people who sacrificed themselves for the Communist Party as revolutionaries and martyrs. Chinese President Xi Jinping has been in favor of limiting social media since before his term in office. After falling under his rule, there were many strict internet restrictions in China.

Another Chinese army of youth interrogation has become wanted
A similar case is that of 19-year-old Wang Jingyu, who lives in the United States. He is now wanted in his hometown of Chongqing, China. Chinese authorities have accused Wang Jingyu of condemning the Chinese soldiers who killed Weibo. He asked about the deaths of Chinese soldiers. The Chinese government says cyberspace is not prohibited by law.

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