Criticism barred against Madrid city council for including white king Baltasar in Christmas bookmark

Publication: Monday December 28 2020 16:27

Rain of criticism from Madrid City Hall for distributing a Christmas bookmark with the Three Kings that shows the white-skinned King Baltasar.

Something that did not go unnoticed by the opposition, which criticized him via Twitter. “Did you notice anything strange about the Three Magi?”, Stressed More Madrid, with an image of the controversial bookmark.

“According to Almeida this is due to an error by the company in charge, and we ask ourselves, does no one from the Board of Directors supervise the content of the material of the activities they organize?”, Affirmed the training. in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca.

For her part, the spokesperson for Más Madrid at the Consistory, Rita Maestre, asserted that “modifying an image to change the color of the skin of a sorcerer king is not a” mistake “” but “a deliberate act. “,” of those whom the extreme right loves “.

The mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, assured at a press conference that “it was a mistake that was made by the company that was hired by the board of directors of Moncloa”.

“We told the company that they had to correct it as quickly as possible and therefore had to conform to the tradition and popular imagination that we have regarding mages, especially when the king of the mayor is King Baltasar, ”he said. added this Monday.

According to the local government, the company initially sent them the controversial design along with two others – one with the Virgin, Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus and another that shows Baltasar as a black man – and, although the controversial design He has been discarded, according to the Consistory, the company printed and distributed it in error.

The first mayor of Madrid influenced this Monday that Baltasar is his favorite wizard king: “I insist, he is my king. My wizard king. My king is Felipe VI”, he joked.

However, the question did not amuse anti-racist organizations, who consider any error that evokes discrimination to be very serious.

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