Criticism from the right to Irene Montero for using inclusive language: “Hijos, hijas e hijes”

Posted: Saturday April 17, 2021 9:32 PM

An intervention by Irene Montero on Friday drew criticism from right-wing parties on social media because of the minister’s use of inclusive language.

During her speech, which she gave at a pre-campaign event on LGTBI rights, the Equality Minister used terms such as “listened, listened, listened”; “all”, “all” and “todes” or “sons, daughters and daughters”, which is why he has been criticized by the PP, Citizens and Vox.

People’s Party spokesman Cuca Gamarra echoed Montero’s intervention on Twitter, with the message: “Ridiculous. Stupidity. Memez. Everything with ‘e’.”

For her part, the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, declared in the same social network that “equality is defended by proposals and work, by promoting conciliation” or “the fight against the wage gap”. “But Minister Irene Montero prefers to spend time attacking the Spanish language and making it ridiculous,” he added.

Former Orange Party leader Toni Cantó also criticized the minister for her use of inclusive language. “What a ridiculous way to be,” wrote:

Also the deputy of Vox Carla Toscano indicted Montero, to whom he addressed in these terms on Twitter: “Irene Montero, you are ridiculous. Or a fake, which is neutral,” wrote the far-right politics .

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