crocodile asteroid: the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs didn’t kill the crocodiles: the asteroid ends the dinosaurs but the crocodiles survived

Scientists have wondered how the crocodiles escaped from the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs? Researchers believe this may have been possible due to the development of crocodiles. Crocodiles have become habitable on land and in the oceans due to development, according to a new study.

According to Dr. Stephanie Pearce, associate professor of organic and evolutionary biology at Harvard University, ancient crocodiles were in many ways. Over time, they learned to walk on land, swim in water, catch fish, and eat plants.

Extinct crocodiles included
He said studies found that these evolved in many ways that led to living in new places. During the study, the researchers studied 200 skulls and jaws collected 230 million years ago. These included crocodiles that have disappeared. The team analyzed how different species had copra and jaws. It has also been studied how crocodiles began to change over time.

Studies have shown that extinct crocodile-like species evolved over several years. Sometimes they have become like mammals. Today’s crocodiles, crocodiles are called even to living remains. Researchers say that all of these organisms have evolved over the past 8 million years. The increase and decrease in biodiversity can be understood through crocodiles and their ancestors. There are remains of hundreds of these crocodiles which are quite diverse.

Growth is rapid due to habitat and food, but it is first seen in crocodiles. However, it is not clear how these changes have been seen in modern crocodiles. According to the remains, many species would have lived on the oceans and the land. The temperature may have been warmer during this change.

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