Crude oil ship weighing 3 lakh tons seen flying in the air in Britain, do you know what is the truth? – giant ship seen floating in the air, know the truth about the hovering ship

These days, the image of a ship carrying crude oil is going viral on social media. In this photo, this ship weighing around 3 tons of lakh is seen flying through the air. People are also discussing various kinds of things about this image. The great thing is that this image has not been tampered with in any way. So why is this ship seen flying in the air instead of water.

The expert told the truth of the picture
In fact, it is caused by a rare optical illusion (confusion). The photo was taken by David Morris of Great Britain on camera near Falmouth, Cornwall. BBC meteorologist David Bryan said this superior mirage is caused by rare weather conditions. In which the light turns and the image is completely opposite to reality.

This is the scientific reason for the optical illusion
He said such confusion is common in the arctic region, but is rarely seen in Britain during winter. He explained that such an environment is formed due to weather conditions. When cold air is near the sea surface and warm air is flowing over it. Since cold air is denser than warm air, it deflects the light coming into the eyes of a person standing on land or on the shore.

Confusion is caused by the super mirage
He said that with this light it is decided how a distant object appears. The same thing happened with this ship. The ship floats above the water. While in the photo we see her flying through the air. Due to the super mirage, many such pictures can be taken, which ordinary people will not be able to believe at all. Accidents have also occurred several times due to such conditions.

The disaster of Mount Erebus was caused by an optical illusion
On November 28, 1979, at 7:21 p.m., Air New Zealand flight 901 took off from Auckland Airport for a sightseeing tour of Antarctica. A few hours after the flight, the aircraft pilots reported good weather and good visibility. But as the plane approached Mount Erebus, the pilots were surrounded by a strange and terrible optical illusion. During this time, they started to see only white around them. This is known as whiteout.

257 people were killed
Geologist Dr. Alan Lester pointed out that during whiteout you only see the color white. It is simply a situation where white is visible everywhere. This phenomenon occurs due to the white glacier below and the white cloud above. During this time, it is not possible to know what is up or down. The accident killed 20 crew members of the aircraft as well as 237 passengers.

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