Strategic Business Innovator Invests In Regulated ICO Platform, Templum 4709
Arun Yeldho
Apr 26, 2018 at 11:53 PM

According to a press release published on April 25th Strategic Business Innovator (SBI) holdings has invested in fintech company Templum, which focuses on offering regulated securities token offerings. The investment concluded with a $10 million raised in funds, which according to Templum will be used to bring in institutional and accredited investors.

As stated on Templum’s website, the company is providing “regulatory compliant solutions for Tokenized Asset Offerings (ICOs) and secondary trading,” with them adding that “Templum believes that there is significant market opportunity in the Tokenized Asset space as sectors such as Venture Capital, Private Equity, Real Estate and Limited Partnerships, to name a few, are primed to adopt the transformative Distributed Ledger Technology and smart contracts. Distributed Ledger Technology can bring an unprecedented level of transparency and liquidity to private markets through tokenization, and this technology can be used to benefit private companies across all sectors and stages.”

The finance company is currently leading a 61-bank consortium working an instant domestic payments mobile app, “MoneyTap,” using Ripple’s technology that is representative of more than 80 % of all of Japan’s banking assets.

Image via Shutterstock