Russia requests Apple and Google to pull Telegram from their app stores 6394
Arun Yeldho
Apr 17, 2018 at 8:28 PM

According to the Interfax news office, Russia's state telecommunications regulator said on Tuesday it had sent requests to Google and Apple requesting that they expel the Telegram messenger service from their application stores.

Roskomnadzor began blocking access to Telegram on Monday following a court decision to promptly limit the encrypted messaging services a week ago after the application's proprietors declined to hand over message transcripts to Russian state security. As a part of its crackdown, Roskomnadzor said that it's requested Apple and Google to expel Telegram from their regional application stores. Neither one of the firms have presently remarked, so it's too early to tell whether they will bow to Russia's requests.

While on the other side, the telecoms watchdog on Monday prohibited more than 1.8 million IP addresses having a place with Amazon and Google's cloud foundation after Telegram moved some of its tasks to AWS and Google Cloud servers throughout the end of the week.  Thereby, allowing Telegram to skirt the underlying boycott and provide service to Russian clients.

Nonetheless, as announced by Bleeping Computer, this broad IP ban has blocked numerous legitimate web administrations, with clients taking to Twitter to gripe that various web-based games, mobile apps, and cryptocurrency services have since gone quiet.

In spite of Russia's hard-line crackdown on Telegram, a few clients are as yet finding a route around the ban by utilizing a VPN. In any case, Alexander Zharov, head of Roskomnadzor, told state news agency (Interfax) that VPN administrations are additionally on its watch-list and will be blocked if they enable clients to associate with prohibited services.


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