Cs and Vox leave plenary session of Madrid city council when sentence for threats against Marlaska and Iglesias debated

Updated: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 7:51 PM

Published on: 04/27/2021 19:50

Madrid city councilors from Ciudadanos and Vox left the plenary session when the PSOE’s proposal was debated where he was urged to condemn the bullet threats against Pablo Iglesias, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and the Director of the Guard civil. This happened just after PSOE and Más Madrid failed to support two initiatives also related to violence against the Vox and Cs formations.

During her speech, Socialist Councilor Mar Espinar recommended to condemn “all very dangerous acts”, because “if we are not able to condemn these facts, we will endanger democracy”. In a tense debate, with constant interruptions, he regretted that “an unwanted group wants to break up society” and “wanting to die your ideological opponent is contemptible, unacceptable and cowardly,” Espinar noted.

For their part, the PP, Ciudadanos and Vox groups criticized the fact that the motion was presented on the same day that the PSOE and Más Madrid did not support two initiatives also linked to violence and political parties.

The proposals of Vox and Cs for which the PSOE and Más Madrid voted against

An era of Vox, supported by the party rally in Vallecas on April 7. The far-right party has called for condemnation of “violent groups and public figures who encourage appeals< contre les partis >> and those who adopt an attitude< à égale distance entre les agresseurs et les agressés >>, in addition to urging to purge the responsibilities of the government delegation and the interior ministry for the riots during the Vox rally on April 7.

The citizens’ initiative was about “swindlers” like the one deputy mayor Begoña Villacís suffered when she was pregnant during the 2019 election campaign. They therefore asked to condemn “harassment, harassment or political violence “, and demanded from the formations the commitment not to include in their lists the people” who participated in swindlers “(in reference to the lawyer and anti-eviction activist Alejandra Jacinto, candidate of United We Can, presents in the aforementioned escrache in Villacís) or to agree with the parties that do so.

“Hope you really get the title you are looking for”

Therefore, Citizens and Vox requested that amendments be included in the PSOE’s motion to add their respective initiatives, and as they were not accepted, members of both sides left the plenary hall. Considering what happened, Espinar broke at Villacís: “I hope you really get the title you are looking for, because you are really working on it.”

For his part, Cuca Sánchez (Más Madrid) defended having “condemned the violence and clearly stated our position (…) the texts are twisted, but we have been clear”.

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