Cuban leader Raul Castro to resign End 60 years of Fidel Castro family monopoly: Brother Raul Castro resigns in Cuba, official end of Fidel Castro era

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The era of famous Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro has officially ended, with Fidel Castro’s brother Raul Castro stepping down as leader of the Cuban Communist Party, concluding an era formalized by Raul and his brother Fidel Castro. Havana
The era of Cuba’s famous communist leader, Fidel Castro, is over. Fidel Castro’s brother Raul Castro said on Friday he was stepping down as leader of the Cuban Communist Party. This ends the formal leadership of Raul and his brother Fidel Castro which began with the 1959 revolution.

After leading Cuban politics for nearly 60 years, the Castro family’s reign is now drawing to a close. Raul Castro made the announcement during the inaugural session of the ruling party’s 18th Congress. However, he did not specify the name he would bring up as his successor. However, on several occasions in the past he has indicated that he will support Migul Diaz Kanel, who took over the presidency in 2018.

Raul Castro took office in 2011
Raul Castro had previously indicated that he was planning to resign from his post. Raul Castro took over in 2011 after the death of his brother Fidel Castro. Raul Castro will soon hand in his resignation to President Migul. According to a report by the Cuban official newspaper Granma, Raul Castro announced his resignation at a meeting of the Party Congress.

The newspaper said the army general said he was very happy to hand over the leadership to the qualified leaders of his country. Fidel Castro handed over his responsibility to Raul Castro in 2006, but officially came to power in 2011. This announcement by Raul Castro was made during the party congress which will run until April 19.

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