cumulative incidence falls below 200 in Spain for the first time since August

Posted: Wednesday December 9 2020 19:00

The Ministry of Health has notified 9,773 new cases of coronavirus since Monday, December 7. In the absence of data yesterday, Health has accumulated the figures for the two days, adding 373 deaths today. In total, the pandemic in Spain is already leaving more than 1,712,101 infections and 47,019 deaths.

The most positive data in the balance sheet is found in the cumulative incidence. The number of positives in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants fell compared to last Monday, from 215 to 193.26, falling below 200 for the first time since last August.

In yesterday’s session, Europe passed 20 million cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. A dramatic figure that contrasted with the most anticipated event of recent months, the start of vaccination against SARS-CoV2 after its detection in China a year ago.

The UK was the first country to receive the Pfizer vaccine, which was yesterday classified as “safe and effective” by the US. The AstraZeneca vaccine also reported its safety and effectiveness yesterday after reviewing interim results from Phase 3.

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