Cute animal viral video: Viral tiger song video in Russia zoo: Tiger song video in Russian zoo viral

Eight-month-old Vitas may seem scary to watch, but this tiger has become a hero in the Russian zoo because of his kindness. The Amur species of which he is a tiger, his animals are the biggest and fastest in the world, but when Vitas had to get his mother’s attention, he started singing. Now this video of him is often seen on social media.

Sing songs …
In fact, when Vitas starts calling her to get her mother’s attention, her voice is very thin. People have described the voice of this cub from Barnall Zoo in Serbia as a bird song. At the same time, some people say it sounds like a monkey laugh. At least it’s not the roar of a dangerous tiger at all.

Watch the video here

The zoo says this tiger has many siblings. So he always screams to get his mother’s attention. He screams until the mother quits all work and approaches. Hearing the song, people shouted – “Vitas, sing for us please” Interestingly, Vitas is named after famous Russian falsetto singer Vitaly Gruchev.

The Amur tiger species are considered the largest in the world, but they are endangered. Only 600 tigers survive in their natural home in eastern Russia. After the abolition of the USSR, their existence was threatened by poaching.

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