Cyberattack on US: US Offers $ 100 Million Rewards to Stop Foreign Ransomware Attacks

The Biden administration is deeply nervous about the continued ransomware attacks against major US facilities. This is why he announced a reward of up to $ 10 million for providing information about a foreign nation’s role in the cyberattack on America. In ransomware attacks, hackers demand large sums of money in return for hacking and repairing a computer or website system.

America has created a force for action
The White House has launched a task force to coordinate efforts to prevent ransomware attacks. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network said Thursday it would seek help from banks, tech companies and other firms to control cryptocurrency money laundering and track ransomware attackers. More details on the new milestones are expected to be received today.

Biden warned Russia
US President Joe Biden warned Russia against ransomware attacks a few days ago. Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday about ransomware attacks carried out by Russian-based criminals. Biden later said that I made it clear to him that the United States expects that when ransomware attacks are carried out from their soil, even if they are not sponsored by the Russian government, we give them enough money. information on the perpetrator of this act. so hopefully he will take action.

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It is so hard to catch the culprit of the ransomware attack
Not only is it a mixed crime, involving different offenses in different law bodies, but it is also a crime that concerns different police services and, in many cases, several countries and does not have a single main culprit. . Ransomware attacks involve different networks of cybercriminals and often do not know each other in order to minimize the risk of arrest.

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Ransomware attacks become a professional industry
It is therefore important to examine these crimes in detail to understand how the United States and the G7 are handling the growing ransomware attacks that we have seen during the pandemic, with at least 128 such attacks in May 2021 having occurred. in the world and have been committed. Public. When you combine the links, you find a professional industry far removed from the rules of organized crime and which seems to be directly inspired by the daily activities of companies.

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