Cyberbullying in United States Indian: Indian-born expert accused of cyberbullying in United States – Indian-born cyber-expert accused of cyberbullying in America

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An Indian-born cybersecurity expert has been charged with cyberbullying five people in US federal court. He also has a deputy prosecutor and a police officer involved in his investigation. Experts sent him threatening messages. Acting attorney Tessa Gorman for the Western District of Washington reported this.

Gorman said the citizen panel grand jury found Sumit Garg guilty on Wednesday’s prima facie case of the cyberstalking case. Sumit was taken into custody on Monday and will now be brought before the judge on March 25. According to documents submitted to the court, Sumit sent threatening emails to local judges with the list of murdered judges and prosecutors.

In this he is threatened with murder. It was revealed in the documents that Sumit threatened to kill and injure scores of people over a period of one year by hiding her identity through social media platforms and emails. Upset people emotionally. Garg’s troubles started with a woman, who lived with a room in the house where Garg lived with his wife.

According to the complaint, Garg read the woman’s diary. After reading this he had learned a lot about the health of the woman, their previous relationship, etc. They were later used to intimidate a woman. He added that, upset by Garg, the woman left the house and later Garg also made a pact never to contact the woman, but Garg in a local court, the woman, her boyfriend and an attorney lawyer from profession K, K’s uncle accused of cyber-storage.

According to the complaint, Garg also threatened to kill the woman and raped her and the lawyer’s wife. Garg also threatened to physically injure the lawyer. According to court documents, Garg previously told the woman she suffered from “ intermittent operating disorder. ” It’s a mental problem.

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