cycling and walking: UK government to invest £ 338million to boost cycling, walking: UK government announces government incentives for cycling and walking

The British government has decided to encourage the habit of cycling and walking in the aftermath of the pandemic, with the aim of promoting active transport across the country. For this, the British government has also announced a package of 338 million pounds sterling (approximately Rs 3.5 thousand crore). UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced the plan, along with new requirements to modernize infrastructure, change traffic laws and implement proactive transport plans.

The number of cyclists in the UK has increased
Significantly, the document “Summer of Cycling and Walking” was released in Britain on Friday. The number of cyclists has increased significantly in the past year compared to the last 20 years, and the British have cycled five billion kilometers during this period. The Department for Transport has said that as Britain prepares to host the COP26 climate change conference in November, the government’s decision will prove important and useful to it.

The Minister of Transport explained why the decision was made
Shapps said that over the past year, millions of people have learned how biking and walking can help stay healthy, reduce congestion on the roads, and protect the environment in some way. of another. After the pandemic, as we take green action, it is important to follow this trend (cycling and walking) to make commuting easy and safe for everyone.

Package of 3.5 thousand crores
The Transport Minister said the £ 338million package was the start of the government’s decision to encourage more people to switch to cycling, walking and using environmentally friendly modes of transport in the beginning of summer. cities.

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