Czech Republic: Richest Killed in Helicopter Crash: 5 Killed in Alaskan Helicopter Crash

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Kellner, the richest person in the Czech Republic, was among 5 people killed in a helicopter crash in Alaska, United States. According to the Forbes 2020 list, Kellner had $ 17 billion in assets
A helicopter crashed in sparsely populated rural Alaska in the United States, killing the pilot and 4 others. The dead also include the richest person in the Czech Republic.

The rented helicopter was carrying guides and guests from a lodge. Alaska State Troopers reported that five people died in the crash on Saturday.

The person named Kellner, who died in the crash, was a billionaire businessman from the Czech Republic and had $ 17 billion in assets according to the Forbes 2020 list of the richest people in the world.

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