Dalai Lama’s nun’s daughter: the Dalai Lama’s heir sued for alimony: accusation against the Dalai Lama’s successor

The heirs of the Dalai Lama, religious leader of Buddhism, are in dispute. A former nun claimed to have had a marriage relationship with Ogyen Trinley Dorjee. He asked Dorjee for help and child support. A woman named Vicky Shin Han said she has only met Ogyen four times. Dorjee is called His Holiness Karmapa Lama. Han says she was training to become a Buddhist nun in 2017 when she got hot.

Han claims Dorjee sent him $ 7 million, while Dorjee refuses to speak to the woman. However, he said he used to help the woman’s daughter. Previously, the woman had filed a complaint for her daughter’s support and now she is also seeking her support. Supreme Court Officer Lawyer Bruce Ellwood says this question begs the question of whether the relationship started online, what happened in real life, is it like a marriage?

Ellwood said Dorjee is originally from Tibet but lives in India. He has followers all over the world. He also travels the world. Dorjee is considered the successor of the Dalai Lama. He was considered an avatar of the Karmapa Lama when he was discovered at the age of 7. At the age of 14, he fled to Tibet and came to India.

According to Ellwood, when Han told Dorji about her pregnancy, he started talking on the phone instead of meeting her and also helped her financially. Eager to become a Han nun, she came to Canada and the two were in conversation. According to Ellwood, the two expressed their love in a text conversation.

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