Dancing peacock spider: colorful dancing peacock spider species: dancing colorful spider species

People may be scared or disgusted by the name of a spider, but recently such a species of this creature has been found which is very sweet in appearance. The colorful dancing peacock spider has an orange face with white stripes. Australian photographer Sheryl Holiday photographed it last year by spider taxonist Joseph Schubert at the Victoria Museums in Melbourne. On this subject, he wrote an article and shared his merits. At the same time, he also expressed concern about the need to speed up the search for species of these organisms. Otherwise, they will already be off.

Schubert said he saw the picture that it could be a new species. He contacted Holiday who sent a specimen to Schubert. Holiday saw this spider in a wetland ecosystem at Mount Gambiar and collected four male and one female spiders. Schubert published a report on the spider in the Evolutionary Systematics Journal, in which he described the spider as the famous cartoon character “ Nemo ” Clown Fish and also named it Maratus nemo.

Dancing peacock spider

M.nemo’s colors are only visible in males while most brown females belong to another species. The spider’s body is brown with white markings. They have an orange appearance near their feet. Their faces are orange and have white stripes under the eyes and vertical stripes on the head. The size of each spider is equal to that of the rice grains. Peacock spider couriers are known to dance to seduce a female and Mr nemo does the same.

Researchers have so far identified 92 species of the Australian peacock spider. 76 of them have been identified since 2010. In Australia, many species have become endangered due to deforestation and the use of pesticides. In such a situation, it is also necessary to identify them to protect them. Schubert claims that only 30% of Australia’s diversity is documented. In such a situation, it is feared that these beautiful creatures will go extinct before being discovered.

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