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Usually any island attracts people to tourists, but these days an island in Brazil is under discussion for the dangers present there. Ilha de Keemada, located 20 miles off the coast of Brazil, is also called “Snake Island” or Snake Island, which is why it is so dangerous. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, this island is completely filled with poisonous snakes that can not only swallow humans, but can melt from bone to flesh.

Snake bitten 100 years ago.
According to reports, there can be anywhere from 5 golden spearhead wipers on every square meter of land to 4,000 snakes on 106 acres of land. Vipers can grow up to half a meter in length and are considered the most poisonous snake in the world. No one lives on this island. It is said that a snake bit a lighthouse keeper here about 100 years ago. After that, no one stayed here. The Brazilian army has banned all civilians.

Bikini attall

Bomb heavier than Hiroshima
Likewise, Northern Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean is also a dangerous place. Tribals have lived here for 60,000 years and foreigners are not welcome here. In the Pacific, there is a place called Bikini Attall where the United States carried out nuclear tests after WWII. About 23 bombs were dropped here, one of which was dropped in 1954. It is said to be 1,100 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. The people here were abducted earlier and later radiation was also found in his water and food.

A large amount of poison is also found on the island of Poveglia in the Venetian Lagoon of Italy. Thousands of people are believed to have died from the plague here. Gruinard Island, near the northwest coast of Scotland, is called Anthrax Island. Where animal carcasses were thrown away after the chemical experiment.

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