Daniel Guzmán directs the first of several short films to support the Pablo Iglesias campaign

Publication: Monday, April 19, 2021 11:09

Pablo Iglesias’ electoral campaign for the May 4 elections in Madrid has the support of several very prestigious filmmakers from our country. Through several short films that tell different stories, Unidos Podemos puts an image to its campaign.

Thus, the first to see the light is the short film titled “You decide”, written and directed by Daniel Guzmán, actor and director who won two Goyas. As they explain from the party, “You decide” tells the story of two children from the neighborhood, one of whom gives up abstention and decides to go and vote in rejection of the normalization of the speech of the extreme right.

But this is only the first short in a long list involving famous personalities from the world of cinema and audiovisual such as Carlos Bardem, Juan Vicente Córdoba, Juan Diego Botto, Alberto San Juan, Lola Salvador, César Martínez or Elena Molina.

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