Daniel Pearl case: Pak intimidated by American threat in Pearl case, petition filed against acquittal of convicts – Pak authorities file petition for review against acquittal of murder of accused Daniel Pearl

Pakistan is in danger after the United States threatens to acquit al-Qaeda terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and three of his associates in the case of the kidnapping and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl. The Pakistani government on Friday filed a petition for review in the case in India’s Supreme Court. Explain that the United States has directly warned that if Pakistan cannot punish those accused of killing Pearl, then it will take action.

Pakistan is afraid of American discontent
The petition was filed just hours after the United States expressed dissatisfaction with the Pakistani Supreme Court’s decision to acquit the accused in the case. Speaking to the media, Sindh Attorney General Fiaz Shah confirmed that a petition had been filed to request a review of the verdict and asked the court to withdraw the acquittal order.

Asked the court to reconsider the verdict
The government of Sindh asked the court to revise its verdict and restore the accused’s sentence and for this some specific errors were pointed out in the order. The Sindh government has filed this petition for review with the Supreme Court. Significantly, the appeal was brought by the Supreme Court on Thursday after the Sindh High Court ruled that the defendants had been acquitted.

Pearl worked on ISI and Al Qaeda relations
The court also ordered the release of UK-born Sheikh in the sensational case. Pearl (38), head of the South Asia bureau of the Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped in Karachi in 2002 while gathering information for a report on relations between Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Al- Qaeda. He was then beheaded and murdered.

The court had declared to four defendants including Cheikh guilty
Sheikh and his three associates were found guilty in this case and sentenced. The White House has expressed “dissatisfaction” with the Pakistani Supreme Court’s decision to acquit the accused in the kidnapping and murder case of US journalist Daniel Pearl. Subsequently, the US Embassy in Pakistan on Friday shared US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement that his country wants justice for Pearl.

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