daniel pearl murder case: pearl killer daniel will be guest in government nursing home, will imran khan play with america? – Daniel Pearl murder case, Pakistan notified dispatch of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh to nursing home

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Sindh Province government issued notification to send Daniel Pearl killer to Rest House kidnapped and murdered
The Pakistani government has now ordered the placement of Omar Saeed Sheikh, the assassin of American journalist Daniel Pearl, in the government nursing home after his release. In fact, after the court decree, the Pakistani government had to release Omar Saeed Sheikh. But later, when the United States openly threatened Pakistan, the frightened government of Imran Khan immediately warned this Al Qaeda terrorist.

Omar Saeed Sheikh will be an official guest
Today, Pakistani authorities issued a notification to send Al Qaeda terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh from prison to a newly constructed building on the premises of Karachi Central Prison. The notification was released on Saturday after a three-member bench led by Judge Omar Ata Bandiyal ordered the UK-born Sheikh to be sent to the government rest home for death row inmates.

Family members will also be able to meet
The Express Tribune, citing a notification issued by the Sindh Interior Ministry on February 6, said in an article that all suspects should be sent there so that they can meet with their families. “However, the Internet, telephone and any other equipment or means of communication will not be provided to connect with the outside world,” the notification said. The family members of this terrorist will be able to meet them every day from eight in the morning to five in the evening, but they will not be able to take any goods from outside.

Why was Daniel Pearl killed
In 2002, Pearl, the South Asian bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped in Karachi while gathering information for a report on relations between Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Al- Qaeda. He was then beheaded and murdered.

America openly threatened Pakistan
Foreign Minister Antony Blinken had bluntly told Pakistan that he would stop releasing Sheikh or that the United States would punish him. Criticizing the order to release Pearl’s murderer, the US Secretary of State said Washington was prepared to prosecute Omar Sheikh for crimes against a US citizen.

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