Daniela Kluckert: German MP against China, shows a mirror on Tibet-Taiwan-Hong Kong

Little by little, the whole world seems to unite against China’s aggressive policies. The most candid voice on human rights violations in China comes from European countries. German MP Daniela Clerkert protested against Chinese atrocities in Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He also shared his photo wearing a red t-shirt that China will not like at all.

China photo anti-wear t-shirt
The German MP’s t-shirt reads I am Hong Kong, while the back of the t-shirt reads We are Tibet, Tiananmen, Taiwan. In his Facebook post, he also showed China a mirror on freedom, democracy and human rights.

China heard loud in a Facebook post
German MK Daniela Clerkert wrote on Facebook on Thursday that freedom, democracy and human rights – which are very important to us, do not exist in China. The aggression with which China acts against the people and other countries is developing in a terrible way. This is proven by the recent prison sentences against Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam,

Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan call for escalation of conflict
He said China’s actions can be taken as a signal. But that’s what you must not do: you must not withdraw! We must fight more than ever to ensure that the people of Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan can live in frightening and democratic conditions!

Relations are not normal in China and Germany
Germany’s internal relations with China are not normal. German Defense Minister Annagret Kramp announced last month that a drying rack for his navy would soon be stationed in the Indian Ocean. Germany had said this would help secure world order. The German warship will patrol the Indian Ocean with the Australian Navy.

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