Danish Siddiqui Death Video: Danish Siddiqui Captured Alive By Taliban And Killed In Spin Buldak In Afghanistan, Report: Danish Siddiqui Captured Alive By Taliban And Killed As Indian

A sensational statement has been made regarding the murder of Pulitzer Prize-winning Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui in Afghanistan. A US report indicates that the Danish Siddiqui was neither killed in a shootout in Afghanistan, nor was he a victim of these incidents. The Taliban captured a moderately wounded Dane after attacking a local mosque and brutally murdered him after knowing his “Indian” identity.

Danish covered the Taliban-Afghan war
Danish Siddiqui died while covering a clash between Afghan troops and the Taliban in the Spin Boldak neighborhood of Kandahar, the Washington Examiner reported Thursday. At that time, he was visiting the Spin Boldak area with the Afghan National Army team. Their aim was to cover the ongoing war between Afghan forces and the Taliban for control of border posts with Pakistan.

Taliban did not spare Danish Siddiqui even after his death, knowing Indian was run over in car: Afghan commander
Taliban captured Danish man after attacking mosque
The report claimed that Siddiqui suffered shrapnel wounds as a result of the attack on the Afghan National Army convoy during this period and that he and his team therefore went to a local mosque, where they received first aid. However, as soon as word got out that a journalist was in the mosque, the Taliban attacked. Local investigation revealed that the Taliban attacked the mosque due to Siddiqui’s presence.

Taliban say Danish Indian journalist Siddiqui himself responsible for his death will not apologize
Danish was alive at the time of capture, killing Indian Jankar
The report says the Danish Siddiqui was alive when the Taliban captured him. The Taliban confirmed Siddiqui’s identity and then killed him and his associates. The commander and the rest of his team died as they tried to save him. Siddiqui’s body was transported to Delhi airport on the evening of July 18 with the help of the local Red Cross and was cremated at Jamia Millia Islamia cemetery.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani spoke with Danish father Siddiqui and expressed sorrow over death of Indian journalist
The Taliban do not respect the rules of war and global treaties
Michael Rubin, senior researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote that a widely circulated image showed Siddiqui’s face as unrecognizable. However, I reviewed other photographs provided to me by an Indian government source and a video of Siddiqui’s body, which showed the Taliban attacking Siddiqui in the head and then ridding him of bullets. The report says the Taliban’s decision to attack, kill Siddiqui and then mutilate his body shows that they are not following the rules of war or global treaties.

Taliban denies killing a Dane
The Taliban have repeatedly denied killing the Danish Siddiqui. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar that they did not know which bullet was killed by Danish. Zabiullah said that the Danes did not ask us for any permission before coming to the battlefield. He was in the enemy tank and is himself responsible for his death. A Taliban spokesperson claimed that no cruelty had been inflicted on the body of Danes. Taliban spokesman and commander Maulana Yusuf Ahmadi had denied the Danish murder in a conversation with India Today.

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