Danish Siddiqui story: Danish photojournalist Siddiqui Reuters dies in Taliban attack in Afghanistan

In 2018, Danish photojournalist Siddiqui of Reuters received the highest Pulitzer Prize for journalism for his reporting on Rohingya refugees, but the world had yet to see the courage of this intrepid journalist. A few days ago, the Danes reached Kandahar in Afghanistan. This is the same area that was once the headquarters of the Taliban and is now witnessing a war situation again. The Danish was showing the world the power of Afghan special forces, but today his story tells the story of his bravery.

Danish on mission

On July 13, the Danish tweeted: “Afghan special forces, elite fighters are deployed on different frontlights across the country. I came with these young people for missions. He further explained what happened during a rescue mission in Kandahar after fighting a combat mission all day. The Danish wrote: “(Their) motive was to save an injured policeman on the outskirts of Kandahar city from the clutches of Taliban infiltrators who had been jailed for 18 hours. This neighborhood is disputed between the government and the Taliban. He added that at this point, he too began to feel the growing tension. The Afghan army expected a Taliban attack and their vehicle was constantly receiving machine gun fire, but there was still a long way to go.

Taliban under attack

Arriving at the spot from which the policeman was to be rescued, rocket grenades began to rain on the Afghan army and the Humvee carrying Danes. The Danish wrote: “The Taliban were using rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and other heavy weapons against this convoy in which 3 Humvee were destroyed. Gunners sat on these fast vehicles and fired at suspected Taliban fighters, but they were difficult to see.

and the rockets started to rain

In the end, the Humvee that Danish sat in was also the victim of this attack. He wrote: “The Humvee I was sitting in with other special forces also came under attack with at least 3RPG cartridges and other weapons.” Dane’s commitment and bravery is reflected in his statement – “I was lucky enough to be safe and take a photo aimed at the rocket’s armor plate …”. Danish’s car was attacked but he continued with his work.

also faces the rocket

‘… and then rest’

The attack was not yet over. The Afghan forces rescued the policeman and on returning, this convoy was again the victim of bullets. Danes showed with his photograph that he was not the only civilian who was caught in the middle during this whole incident. There was also a child standing by the side of the road with several ordinary Afghans.

Danes, who was continuously on mission cover, was now tired. He shared a photo of himself on the ground, with which he wrote: “15 minutes of rest after 15 consecutive hours, one mission after another”. Three days later, in Spin Boldak, he again arrives in connection with the Afghan army. Once again the Taliban attacked his convoy and this time Danish luck could not save him. The warrior who presented the world with the image of thousands of innocent people trapped between war and injustice has fallen asleep to the last.

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