Dark Matter Kya Hai: Ghost Stars Could Reveal The Truth About Dark Matter: The Secret Of Dark Matter

It is believed that 25% of the universe is dark matter. It cannot be seen but can be felt by the effect of gravity. These too can only be understood when they have had an effect on any visible matter. Scientists believe dark matter is like a spider’s web that contains fast-growing galaxies. However, this is what, the answer has not yet been received. Now, with the help of “GOST stars” in a new theory, she is expected to explain it. Scientists have been trying to solve it for decades. Last year in 2020, researchers in Italy announced that they had found a large number of electrons in the search for weekly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) that should not be found.

Connected to dark matter

Dr Tongyan Lin of the University of California says there may be three possibilities behind this. According to two, it could be particles from the sun or radioactive contaminants. According to the third, it can be caused by black bosons, which are considered to be another form of dark matter. According to science writer and speaker Colin Stuart, bosons are subatomic particles that contain force. Such as photons are bosons that carry electromagnetic force. Dark bosons can be dark matter or because of which they affect common matter such as dark matter.

I can’t go light

If this can be proven in further research, then this may be the first indication of getting a black boson. If gravity is affected by dark bosons, they can bind together in flakes like common matter. Dr Hector Oliver of Radbod University in the Netherlands says he himself may be an attractant to the Bosonian star. They do not have nuclear fusion, so they do not produce light and are not visible.

Why do you say “GOST”?

They will also be transparent so that objects can pass through them. This is why they were called “GOST” because due to the lack of gravitational interaction between common matter and dark matter, it would look like a ghost is going through the wall. Oliver says the boson star has the potential to be as large as the massive black holes that are at the center of every galaxy. When looking at them, astronomers may see that it is a black hole. This is why it is also discovered that there is a black hole or a boson star in the center of the Milky Way.

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