Dark Matter Map: The largest dark matter map in the universe

27% of the universe is made up of dark matter. We do not see it and to this day it has not been understood. However, its effect is enough to prove its existence. It is so powerful that it can bend even galaxies. Now, scientists have prepared the largest dark matter map. Interestingly, this map seems to raise questions to some extent about Albert Einstein’s most famous theory of relativity.

How is dark matter detected?

Scientists have shown such empty spaces on the map where the principles of physics do not apply. Astronomers detect dark matter from light coming from other galaxies on Earth. If there is a distortion in the light, it means that there is something behind that is deflecting the light along the way. With the help of artificial intelligence, images of 100 million galaxies were analyzed. The International Dark Energy Survey team prepared a map of the eighth part of the sky as seen from Earth at night.

Never seen parts before

Dark matter is most dense in the brighter parts of the map, drawn with pink, purple, and black spots, much like galaxies are in the supercluster. Empty spaces are where there is nothing. Dr Niall Geoffrey of University College London and the École Normale Supérieure de Paris said: “Here we see parts of the universe that have never been seen. We see the cosmic web which has cosmic voids. These are regions where there is very little galaxy and very little matter.

Question about Einstein’s theory?

Scientists are curious about them because the gravity is different here. Having their size and location on the map can be useful for further studies. This map will be published in the monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. It will also help to understand how the universe formed and evolved. Einstein’s theory of relativity explains the role of gravity in the expansion of the universe. Because of this, the Cosmic Web is formed, but looking at the map shows that Einstein’s model does not fit perfectly. The material also seems quite flat.

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