Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged girlfriend Mehwish Hayat believes she could run for Pakistani prime minister

Don Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged girlfriend and Pakistani actress Mahwish Hayat now wants to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. Not only that, she is also very influenced by the current Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party. Mahvish claimed that many good things have happened in Pakistan since Imran Khan came to power. He said if a cricketer can become Prime Minister then an actress can become Prime Minister as well.

When Mahvish Hayat was asked if you were going to challenge Imran Khan politically in the next election, he replied that I did not want to challenge him. But later someone will have to take his place and I can run for Prime Minister. He claimed that since the PTI government came to power in Pakistan, there has been a change in the way of thinking of the society.

“In a relationship with Dawood Mahvish Hayat”
The Pakistani actress has said her intention is to bring positive change to the country. He said time will tell if my dream will come true in reaching Parliament or forming a new party. Let us tell you that in recent media reports it was claimed that Dawood is in a relationship with Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat. Dawn is also said to be furious at this news and is investigating how this information became public.

The media have claimed that Mahvish, who is 27 years younger than Dawood, is his biggest weakness right now. The discussion on this matter had actually started last year when questions were raised about the attribution of the civil honor “Tamga-e-Imtiaz” to Mehvish. It is said that Dawood was infatuated with seeing Mahvish in an object song and it is said that after that he helped Mehvish with many great projects.

Dawood’s former grip on the film industry
Mehvish has been identified with films like Load Wedding, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, and Actor-in-Law. Soon it was said that Mehvish was being helped by an influential person from Karachi who has good ties to the Tehreek-e-Insaf party. It was later claimed that the man was Dawood. Dawood’s film industry has an old grip. He has long connections with director-producers in Karachi and Lahore.

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