Day of protest by Abengoa workers in defense of their jobs in different regions of Spain

Published: Tuesday March 2, 2021 10:14 AM

Abengoa workers gather on Tuesday to defend their jobs. After the decision of the Third Chamber of the Commercial Court of Seville, which declared bankruptcy in favor of the company last Friday, the unions fear that a new rescue of the company will result in the retention of jobs.

In this sense, the greatest concentration is in Seville, where the head office of the company is located. Es más, la decisión judicial del pasado viernes afecta directamente a las plantas de esta provincia, por lo que UGT ha convocado un calendario de acciones “con el fin de reivindicar el empleo y hacer entender a la administración que es imprescindible buscar una solución definitiva a the company”. According to the group, the demonstration, which takes place at 1 p.m., called 2,700 workers of the multinational in the Andalusian region.

Likewise, other events are also taking place in different regions of the country, such as Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real or Madrid. More specifically, in the province of Ciudad Real, from 10:00 a.m., workers from the Abengoa de Puertollano and Arenas de San Juan centers demonstrated, employing 130 people in these two power plants.

Although the bankruptcy initially affects the parent company and not the subsidiaries, the union representative of the UGT in Puertollano, Rafael Santigosa, underlined the fear that the restructuring could also affect the subsidiaries, a circumstance which “fills the uncertainty staff, ”they denounce the union.

Abengoa, under the bankruptcy of creditors

As reported by Abengoa last Friday, the court declared the bankruptcy (former bankruptcy) requested by the company. In this way, the meeting was suspended as a precaution “in the common interest of the bankruptcy, taking into account the differences on the future of the company between the partners”.

At the said meeting, the dismissal of the current board, elected in December and currently made up of Juan Pablo López-Bravo, who chairs it, and Margarida de la Riva Smith, was going to vote. Otherwise, three new directors were to be appointed, including Clemente Fernández, whom critical shareholders were to appoint as chairman.

In an order issued on February 26, Judge Miguel Ángel Navarro accepts the request of the board of directors of the Sevillian company and postpones the general meeting “until it can be, if necessary, convened and held with the appropriate presence and participation of bankruptcy administration ”.

After analyzing the documents presented by Abengoa, the magistrate confirmed the “state of insolvency” of the company, “expressly recognized” by its board of directors. At the same time, Navarro acknowledges the “current tone of confrontation recognizable by the media” and believes that the maintenance of the board could “undermine” the “orderly development” of the competition “since its inception”, as the new government of the company that would come out of the assembly “already allows to intuition at least a change of operational and commercial direction of an unknown and uncertain perimeter also in the perspective of equity”, he concludes.

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