Deadly brain-eating amoeba: deadly amoeba rapidly spreading brain in America, scientists warn

In the midst of the corona virus crisis, the deadly brain-eating amoeba Neglearia fowleri is spreading very quickly in America. This amoeba is now spreading from the southern states to the northern states of America. According to a report from the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this amoeba is now slowly moving towards the northern states.

As a result, cases of fowler Negularia amoeba began to appear in the west-central states of America. Of these, 6 cases have been reported in Minnesota, Kansas and Indiana. The CDC has stated that a person cannot become infected with Amoeba Negaleria in a fowlerly manner by simply drinking water contaminated with this amoeba. Scientists said in their report that this brain-eating bacterium is commonly found in soil, hot lakes, hot rivers and streams.

97% of people in contact have difficulty escaping
CDC declares Naegleria fowleri to be fatal. From 2009 to 2018, there were 34 cases of this virus. Between 1962 and 2018, 145 people affected the bacteria, of which only 4 people survived. This causes a fatal infection in the brain of an infected human. According to the Central of Disease Control, people fall prey to these amoebae while swimming.

When Negleria’s fowlerly amoeba enters their nostrils, they reach their brains and start eating brain tissue. 97% of people exposed to this type of amoeba are extremely difficult to avoid. The CDC said the fowlerly amoeba Negaleria moves 8.2 miles north each year. The CDC reported that the bacteria also live in hot water released from swimming pools and factories that are not properly maintained.

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