Deadly Coronavirus Mutant Variant: Threat of Deadly Coronavirus Mutant Variant by SAGE Scientists in Britain

An even more deadly form of the corona virus, which has been wreaking havoc around the world for about a year and a half, could emerge. In the times to come, its new variant will be so dangerous that one in three humans can die from it as well. Such fears have been expressed by top scientists in the UK government. A report from the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) warned that the death rate from the new virus could be 35%.

The booster vaccine should be brought soon
Experts included in this group say that when the virus stays for a very long time, the possibility of mutation is highest. The same is happening in Great Britain. Scientists say Britain will need to bring in a booster vaccine by winter, prevent new variants of the virus from coming in from overseas and may even have to kill animals that may have the virus.

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death rate likely to increase
Scientists published an article on the possibilities of times to come, in which the danger of this “super-mutant” variant was raised. Experts say if the incoming strain mixes the beta found in South Africa with the alpha found in Kent or the delta variant found in India, it will also neutralize the vaccines. Because of this, it is also possible to increase the death rate. However, the team says only a very potent variant will be needed to neutralize the vaccine.

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The virus has not yet been chased away
Based on this report, experts once again cautioned against government preparations to end lockdown restrictions in Britain. He says the SAGE report shows the virus has not quit the hunt. The government should therefore be more vigilant in this regard. Experts have advised to prevent animals from becoming the reservoir of the virus. He also instructed doctors to use certain drugs sparingly. The virus can create resistance against them if used excessively.

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British scientists warn

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