deadly fungus: deadly threat to public health from fungi: people can be exposed to fungi

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Numerous germs of the corona virus have been the cause of the danger. Neutralizing drugs after bacteria are dangerous. Fungal hospitals – equipment on the floors of retirement homes. Futureswashington proves more deadly than tuberculosis-malaria every year.
The corona virus is probably the biggest epidemic in the world today, but before that scientists had a long list of dangerous germs. There was a risk of developing bacteria that do not have the effect of drugs due to overuse of antibiotics, but recently fungi were found to neutralize drugs.

A report from Scientific American indicates that a fungus called Candida Auris remains in hospitals and nursing homes which is harmful to already vulnerable patients. In the report, Maron Makena wrote that its impact has been seen in other countries before America.

Every year more damage from malaria and tuberculosis
Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from fungal diseases every year, and around 25 million people are exposed to eye light or die. According to an assessment by the Global Fungal Infections Fund, it is higher than deaths from malaria or tuberculosis. At the end of 2020, there were 1,500 cases in the United States. There was also a possibility that the two would cause more damage due to Corona.

Why is this dangerous?
The immune system is suppressed due to the steroids given to treat the crown. For this reason, there is no safety in patients due to fungi and other germs. Not only that, due to these fungi, the soil equipment is also damaged and medical care is affected. Already, many regions of the world do not have adequate equipment and services. If they also suffer from fungus, the challenge of protection will increase.

The number of patients admitted for the treatment of mucoomycosis is also increasing. In Maharashtra, 90 people have died to date from mucarmycosis (black fungus). 300 people have been affected in Madhya Pradesh and 1,000 in Rajasthan.

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Photo: Scientific source Juan Gaertner

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