Death of a snake expert: man dies trying to kiss a cobra

Catching or raising a snake is a dangerous task in itself. A snake expert in the Philippines claimed even further, which has become a moment for them. The expert from Pangasinan province tried to kiss a snake in front of the crowd but the snake bit him and he died there. Angry people even killed the snake.

bitten on the tongue
Bernardo Alvarez, 62, claimed he was “immune” to snake venom. As he said this he picked up a cobra and the crowd continued to watch. However, showing the snake, he got too close and bit Alvarez’s tongue. Alvarez fell there and moaned in pain, and police and medics immediately tried to save him, but by then Alvarez had lost his life.

one of the most dangerous snakes

one of the most poisonous snakes
According to the DailyMail report, Alvarez’s sister said that an attempt was made to save her brother, but the venom from the cobra Philip of the North was very strong. According to health worker Dr Ana de Gazman, Alvarez was paralyzed by snake venom. Because of this, he couldn’t breathe and his heart stopped. This cobra is considered one of the largest snakes in the world.

dead in 30 minutes
The Northern Cobra Philippe is found in the Philippines, particularly on islands. Their average length is 1 meter. They can be up to 1.6 meters long. These snakes can target poison up to 3 meters away. Their bite causes headaches, dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing. He can die within 30 minutes of being a victim. They usually eat creatures like frogs and rats, but sometimes other snakes also do their diet.

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