Death of the coronavirus satish dhupelia: great grandson of mahatma gandhi satish dhupelia died of the corona virus – great grandson of mahatma gandhi

The grandson of the nation’s father, Satish Dhupelia, has died here due to complications from the corona virus. A family member said he turned 66 three days earlier. Dhupelia’s sister, Uma Dhupelia Mistry, confirmed that her brother died on Sunday from complications related to Kovid-19.

Uma also said Satish Dhupalia had pneumonia and was in hospital treatment for about a month as he succumbed to the infection. Uma said in a social media post: “ My dear brother had been suffering from pneumonia for about a month, he got another infection in the hospital and he was also struck by Kovid-19 during the treatment. He had a heart attack and passed away tonight.

Besides Uma from Dhupelia, she has another sister named Kirti Menon. She lives in Johannesburg. The three siblings are descendants of Manilal Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi, after living in South Africa for two decades, returned home to continue his work in India and left his son Manilal here. Dhupelia has spent most of her life in media, most notably as a videographer and photographer. He was also actively working for the Gandhi Development Trust.

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