Death of the galaxy: a galaxy first seen dying, 9 billion light years from Earth – astronomers are witnessing the death of a galaxy 9 billion years from Earth, for the first time

Galaxies in space die off after a while. However, his death was never seen. Now scientists have discovered a slowly dying galaxy. This is the first time that scientists have seen the death of a galaxy. Before that, only dead galaxies were observed and studied.

This galaxy is 9 billion light years from Earth
Using Atacama’s Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope, astronomers have detected a slowly dying galaxy nine billion light years from Earth. This galaxy loses more than half of the gases that form new stars, while its fuel slowly runs out. This galaxy has been identified as ID2299.

How the galaxy dies
When new stars are arrested in a galaxy or they start to lose materials such as gas and fuel that make stars, they die. According to the report, galaxy ID2299 currently ejects around 10,000 materials that form the sun each year as cold gas. It is estimated that the galaxy has currently lost 46% of its total cold gas.

There are still several million years of life left
New stars are still forming in this galaxy, but their number is very low. It is feared that due to the formation of new stars, the fuel of this galaxy will run out soon. In this case, the galaxy will increasingly use the remaining cold gases. After which this galaxy will die a few million years later. Explain that the age of galaxies is trillions of years.

Scientists said
“This is the first time that we have seen a giant star-forming galaxy die in the distant universe,” said Anagrazia Pugliesi, chief researcher at the University of Durham in Britain and at the French nuclear research center Sensele . We are studying this galaxy more.

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