Death sentence of Donald Trump: Continued death sentence even during the end of Donald Trump’s reign, memories of 130 years – several federal executions planned under Donald Trump’s administration

High ground
The Donald Trump administration sentenced Brendan Barnard, convicted of double murder, to death on Thursday for the ninth time this year. This is the first case in the United States to be sentenced to death at the end of a president’s reign in the past 130 years. Weeks before President-elect Joe Biden takes command of the United States, the Trump administration plans to sentence four more convicts, one of whom is expected to be sentenced to death on Friday.

Earlier in late November, a convict was sentenced to death. In 1999, Bernard, convicted of double murder at a Texas military base, was put to death by injecting phenobarbital in a prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. Bernard, 40, was pronounced dead at 9.27.

It is described as a rare death sentence for a person in the United States who was a teenager at the time of the commission of the crime. Many celebrities, including TV star Kim Kardashian West, have called on President Donald Trump to convert Bernard’s death sentence to life imprisonment.

First run
In the United States, it is rare for the president to be sentenced to death during his transfer of power. In the past 130 years, this is said to be the first round of capital punishment at the end of a president’s reign. Previously this happened in the 1890s, when a president died, there was a series of capital punishment. The US president at the time was Grover Cleveland.

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