Deaths from violence in Myanmar: 138 killed in protests against coup in Myanmar: 138 killed in coup in Myanmar

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138 protesters killed in Myanmar so far, black day Sunday, 38 dead, but people on the streets on Monday, international community condemned violence
The UN said Monday that at least 138 people have demonstrated peaceful protests since the February 1 military coup in Myanmar. Global body spokesperson Stephen Dujarric said 38 of those people died on Sunday. He said UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarase strongly condemns violence against those who organize peaceful protests.

The international community condemned the violence. The United Nations, the United States, China and Britain have condemned the violence as Myanmar’s military administration does not appear to be softening. At the same time, the protesters did not give up. Although more than three dozen people were killed on Sunday, people took to the streets again on Monday and were again victims of violence.

Martial law applied
Myanmar’s ruling junta (military regime) implemented martial law in six townships in Yangon, the country’s largest city. The junta regime took this step after tough measures were taken to control protests against the overthrow of the civilian government and the killing of dozens of protesters.

At the same time, the anger of the demonstrators descends on the Chinese establishments. The anger of pro-democracy protesters against China engaged in protecting the Burmese army against international sanctions has exploded.

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