Declared an episode of heavy pollution throughout Catalonia

Publication: Saturday March 6, 2021 12:22

The Generalitat has declared an episode of high pollution throughout Catalonia by airborne PM10 particles, the level of which is high, which is why it recommends reducing trips by private car and moderate physical activity to the ‘outside.

As reported by the Ministry of Territory, the episode was declared taking into account the levels of suspended particles with a diameter of less than ten microns recorded by the Air Pollution Surveillance and Prevention Network due to the presence African dust intrusions from February 18. .

Forecasts for the next 24 hours indicate that levels will remain high and could exceed the daily value of 50 mg / m3 this Saturday, as entry of African dust is expected to persist and dispersal conditions will not improve.

The episode of high particle pollution means managing the speed on the highways, through the Servei Català de Trànsit, informing the population so that they can use public transport if they have to travel, encouraging cement activities to reduce traffic emissions and municipalities to restrict particle-generating actions, such as certain works.

The Generalitat recommends that citizens travel on foot or by bicycle, choosing areas with little traffic, using public transport as much as possible, regulating air conditioning in homes and reducing physical activity to outdoors, especially in people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

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