Deelivers is committed to the economic well-being of its distributors thanks to a new agreement with Payflow

Deelivers is committed to the economic well-being of its distributors thanks to a new agreement with Payflow

Deelivers, a tech company specializing in last mile distribution, and Payflow, an “on-demand” wage solution, have reached a deal with which they intend to improve the economic well-being of workers. From now on, Deelivers allows its employees hired on the payroll, via the company’s Employee Portal, to manage their wages in a flexible manner.

For the Galician startup, this agreement represents an additional step in its growth strategy to stand out within the sector, because with it, it offers a new value proposition to its employees, offering them the best guarantees of employment. In addition, this union allows the Deelivers to go beyond the famous Rider Law, improving the employee experience by offering flexibility and focusing on their financial well-being.

“This agreement unites Deelivers technology and Payflow technology to enable monetization within minutes of the workday by our employees. We believe this is a union that improves the employee experience for all of our workers, ”says Adrin Pena, CEO of Deelivers.

With Payflow, Deelivers employees can access their earned salary whenever they want, with one click and for free. Any Deelivers employee can count on all these flexible benefits from day one on the job, making the Galician startup the most attractive employer in the last mile delivery industry.

The commitment of the two companies is materialized with the objective of increasing the attraction of talent and hiring to significantly increase their workforce by the end of the year.

“Working with the Deelivers team was very easy, the whole implementation process only took us a few days,” says Avinash Sukhwani, one of the two co-founders of Payflow. For his part, Benot Mnardo, the other co-founder of Payflow, comments that “the service was launched only a few days ago but we are already seeing a high volume of transactions on a daily basis, I think this shows that we already have succeeded in improving the employee experience at Deelivers “.

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