Deep Time Project: Why have people been “imprisoned” in a cave for 40 days in France without a mobile watch? Learn Motive – Deep Time Project, why were 15 people in France imprisoned in the Lombrives cave for 40 days

Think how it would feel if you were suddenly removed from this beautiful world and trapped in a dark cave for 40 days. The same was done in France with 15 people. These people were kept in a dark cave for 40 days, completely out of the world, for a science experiment. During this time, people did not have cell phones or electronic gadgets. Not only that, these people do not know the time, so the clock was not given. During captivity, these people used the biological clock to sleep, get up and eat. 8 men and 7 women took part in this campaign. His experiment ended on April 22, after which he came out of this huge cave.

Walked out with smiley faces for 40 days

These volunteers had a smile on their face when they left the Lombrivées cave in France 40 days later. When these people went out after being in the dark for so long, they were given special glasses to protect their eyes. Scientists are afraid that after being exposed to light in the dark, the sun and strong light will not affect their eyes. While staying in this dark and damp cave, the team of scientists also monitored the health of all participants. Using sensors, the scientists monitored the activities of volunteers such as sleep patterns, lifestyle, social behavior.

Scientists in France and Switzerland made this experiment

An experiment called Deep Time Project was carried out by French and Swiss scientists. The temperature of this cave was around 10 degrees centigrade, while the humidity was around 100%. These volunteers spent 40 days in the dark cave without any light. Marina Lannon, 33, who took part in the expedition, said she was in no rush to do any work in the cave. He said if I wanted to I could stay in this dark cave for a few more days. He said that after a long time today, I felt the rustle of the wind on my body. Due to their absence from the smartphone for so many days, they do not see any major impact.

That was the purpose of the experiment

Scientists said the purpose of the experiment was to study changes in people’s living conditions and to seek adaptation. These scientists wanted to study the effects of these changes on the human body. All these people used to live in the urban way of life, in such a situation, suddenly being kept in a dark cave for 40 days and 40 nights, there was some effect on the body. Most of the participants complained of a lack of sleep. When they came out of the cave, they did not even know that by living in this cave, they had spent 40 days and 40 nights. We have also seen that without cell phones and time, it affects their health.

A volunteer was involved in the experiment without taking any money

All of these volunteers were between 27 and 50 years old. Many of them were biologists, jewelers, and math teachers. The great thing is that these people did not take any money to participate in the experiment. The team organizing the experiment said they spent around eight and a half crore rupees on the project.

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