defense budget in japan: threat from china-north korea army, japan will increase defense budget – japan to increase record defense budget amid military threat from north korea from china

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The Japanese cabinet approved the proposal to increase the country’s defense budget for the ninth consecutive time: Japan wants to increase the defense budget to develop cruise missiles and fighter jets. Will be Tokyo
Japan’s cabinet approved a proposal to increase the country’s defense budget for the ninth consecutive time. The Japanese government wants to increase the defense budget to develop long-range cruise missiles and fighter jets capable of evading radar to deal with a potential threat from China and North Korea. A record budget of 5.34 trillion yen ($ 51.7 billion) is expected to be presented in fiscal year 2021.

This will be the first budget in Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga’s term. This budget will be 1.1% higher than the defense budget for the current fiscal year. It will be approved by Parliament early next year with a national budget of 106 trillion yen (US $ 10.3 trillion). Defense Ministry officials said the proposed budget also included the cost of developing long-range missiles that could be fired from destroyers or fighter jets.

So these three countries will land in the East China Sea
These missiles are part of the new missile program introduced by the Suga cabinet on Friday. By implementing the plan, Japan will be able to increase missile deployment to the islands under its control in the East China Sea, which China also claims. Let us know that Japan is forming a new trio against the growing dragon rage in the South China Sea. According to Japanese media, in May next year, Japan will undertake large-scale maneuvers near one of its islands with the US and French navies.

Japan has not conducted trilateral maneuvers with the United States and France before. In recent times, the infiltration of the Chinese Navy and Air Force into Japanese territory has also intensified. According to the Sankai newspaper report, this maneuver will take place in the sea and land areas of one of the uninhabited islands of Japan. Meanwhile, the navies of the three countries will check the preparations for relief and rescue operations in the event of natural disasters. However, experts fear that its main goal is to increase defensive preparation against China.

Japan wants to send a strong message to China
Japanese media claimed that the purpose of the joint exercise was to claim Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea. However, the Japanese Ministry of Defense has not released any official statement regarding this practice. At the same time, Admiral Pierre Vandier, head of the French navy, said in an interview that we want to show our presence in the region. He said it will also send a message of Japan-France cooperation.

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