Definition of inequality by Íñigo Errejón: “Inequality is time”

Posted: Saturday May 1, 2021 12:51 PM

“Inequality is time.” This is how Íñigo Errejón summed up the meaning of inequality during an electoral event this week in Alcorcón.

Speaking at the rally, the MP cited the case of a person who was scheduled for an ultrasound in nine months, to which a member of the public responded by citing a one-year wait for an MRI.

“A veces cuando hablamos de la desigualdad parece que estamos hablando de una cosa como en abstracto, las oportunidades que tienes, el currículum que tienes … No, no. La desigualdad en la vida es fundamentally tiempo”, aseguraba el líder de Más Country.

“Inequality is if when you get home you have time to do your homework with your kids or if that doesn’t give you time. Inequality is the feeling that you can be with them or that their best years watching them grow up go by because they aren’t. give because you have to move your family forward and you have to kill your whole life while working, ”Errejón continued.

“The inequality is whether it takes half an hour from home work or it takes an hour and a half, because, what causation, the roads in the south are always the ones that are blocked, the public transport in the south are still those that take the longest to arrive, ”added the MP.

“Inequality is if one day you have anxiety because my knee hurts so badly, I don’t know what’s going to happen and I would like someone to leave me alone and tell me that it’s nothing, you have money to pay for private insurance and they do it in a week, or, on the contrary, you have to wait eight months without being able to sleep because your knee hurts more and more and you does not know what it will be. It is inequality, it is what breaks our society “, he declared.

“It is not true that what needs to be discussed is whether politicians are arguing with each other, no matter what politicians say to each other. What matters are the specific living conditions that calm us down or that calm us down. prevent us from calming down, ”concluded the deputy.

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